Tips For CLAT Preparation Without Coaching

CLAT Preparation Without Coaching

Start From The Basic

CLAT entrance exam is a competitive exam and requires an action plan to achieve success. Speed and accuracy will be of much importance in this exam as 200 questions are to finished in 120 minutes. Conceptual clarity along with practice would be part of the key strategy. One must go through the syllabus in depth and define the weekly schedule to cover each topic. You have to master each topic step by step and build a strong foundation with your basics. And the only way to build your speed is by practising as much as you can. Building a time table with the knowledge of your syllabus would give you an edge for the little time you’d have for preparation. CLAT video lectures are a good way for building a layer wise structure for your preparation, online preparation saves money and saves your precious time which you have to waste in travelling otherwise.
Know What You Are Doing
Building around your exact syllabus makes you precise and help you do the smart work. English including Comprehension, General Knowledge/ Current Affairs, Elementary Mathematics (Numerical ability), Legal Aptitude/Legal Awareness and Logical Reasoning are the main subjects you must have a command on to clear CLAT. Everyday after studying the topic in video lectures, master the same by simulating self tests on the topic or keyword with sufficient challenge so that you can bench mark your accuracy with time. CLAT mock test will not only indicate your level of learning, accuracy and speed on each topic but will add a lot to your knowledge by going through solution of every self assessment. Analyse the question attempted incorrectly by you by revisiting the topic concept in any good book or take help of the discussion forums or contact the site you find reliable. Preferably complete this exercise on same day or by next day as another topic will be waiting to be mastered next day.

Practise Is The Key

ExamNest has mock tests for CLAT. These tests are based on previous year patterns specific to CLAT or are created by subject matter experts. Mock tests have fixed questions indicated topic wise in each mock tests. Our teacher create the tests by themselves on CLAT exam parameters such as question number, types, topics included, level of questions, marks and time. These tests simulate exam like environment and first hand experience helps to put many unfounded fears to rest. The more you practise the more confident you get and the topics become your cup of tea in no matter of time. Mock tests aid you in building your speed for the real exam.