Is online coaching beneficial for CAT exam

Is online coaching beneficial for CAT exam?

is a frequently asked question by aspirants on online forums.

In recent years, online coaching has occupied a sizeable chunk of the coaching marketplace, and with cutting-edge innovation, they are proving a godsend for many students with time and location constraints. We at Exambazaar have helped lots of students find their ideal online/offline coaching for many competitive exams, and from our experience, we find that online coaching does have many advantages when contrasted with classroom coaching. Scroll down below to read our take on the advantages of online coaching for CAT aspirants.


1. No wastage of time in travel

CAT online classes reduce the time wasted in travel, incurred while going to regular training classes and subsequently leave you with additional time to learn. You can have classes and read the material at the time which suits you best, without having to worry about travel and fixed timings. You will find that this extra free time enables you to squeeze out the majority of your busy day and utilize more of your time learning for the CAT.

2. Great Faculty and Peer Learning Experience

The nature of lectures is an understandable fear in going to traditional coaching centers. Online coaching helps with this a lot. And, they don’t compromise because their classes offer quality video talks arranged by the best faculty.

Their courses offer different forums to share your opinions and clear your questions with a well-associated system of friends and healthy competition.

This makes you mindful of the level of challenge and of your areas of progress.

3. Meets a Student’s Personal Requirements

You can get prepared in the comfort of your home if you have a decent internet connection. You can get ready whenever, wherever, and at your own pace, pick when you need to get ready, and what subjects you would like to prepare for. You’ve got the opportunity to take any exercise, any number of times, which the study hall courses can’t give. Most of the time, the lectures are pre-recorded which means you can watch them whenever you want to and any number of times you need. So there’s no reason to enter a class after an hour of driving in rush-hour gridlock.
Also, very helpfully, There are question sessions organized at the end of every week to address the questions of the students.

4. Reviewing the previous classes any number of times.

When taking coaching online, you can ensure that you’ve got a handle on one thought before moving onwards to the following one. In traditional classroom coaching, some aspirants rarely get the chance to stop the teacher to ask questions, with the result that gaps in their ideas keep exacerbating. This can be remedied in online coaching with the option of replaying video and audio lectures.

5.Better Learning Experience for Individual Students

One size does not fit all, so the pace of learning differs from student to student. In offline classes, one is required to coordinate with the pace of the class or of the teacher. On the other hand, the CAT online study material leaves space and time for you to learn at your very own pace: delay or repeat, or fast forward the talk as per your very own comfort: you can get this advantage in online CAT classes only. Thus online courses offer self-conscious or uncertain students the chance to take an interest in class dialogues more effectively than class sessions.

6.Latest study materials at one place

Most of the materials that online coaching provides are soft-copies, so you can access them across multiple devices. The lessons and the whole course material are available on the web for access at any time, making library trips unnecessary. This serves as one of the greatest advantages to the students because it saves time and increases ease of access.

We hope our take on the advantages of CAT coaching will help you to decide whether to opt for online coaching or not. For more CAT related material, coaching recommendations and question papers, visit And, for any queries, feel free to reach out to us in the comments.


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