Which is better IPM or Graduation+MBA?

If you are a student in your Senior Secondary education and wondering which path you should take towards your success in Management then let us make it simpler for you. IPM is always a better option because of the following reasons

IPMAT is the sole exam you have to face

If you aim IPM as your course for Management then you just have to face one competitive exam which is IPMAT. And for five straight years ahead you are enrolled into a learning procedure which does not require you to prepare for any competitive exam for MBA. You do not have to worry about preparing for CAT and the percentiles required for getting into MBA programs by IIMs. Staying in the environment of Schooling makes your preparation smoother as you are at a very early stage at your life and preparation does not require any worrisome urgency. IPMAT is an exam which requires consistent effort along with your Board examination.

Competition is penetrable

When you get into preparation for IPMAT you are up for competing the brains which are at the same level as yours. IPM being a comprehensive program compiles graduation degree with MBA and keeps the competition less as aspirants are refined by an interest in management graduation. The competition in entrance exams for MBA is very tough as the number of aspirants is very high, making it difficult and pressurizing. Aspirants from all the fields reach the same national level for these exams who may have work experience to beat as well.

A good foundation from IIM Indore

You may pursue your graduation from any other college but when it comes to an MBA program you ought to have a good foundation. So, having a good foundation delivered by the experts at the IIM would always give you an upper hand in knowledge. The tag of IIMI provided after the completion of your integrated program is stirring and gives you a benefit all through your career in Management. And the initial years in this program teach you much more than you can learn in any graduation degree.